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Bespoke Bathroom Renovations Maroubra

Looking for reliable bathroom renovations Maroubra? Indeed you have come to the right place!

At Eastern Suburb Bathroom Renovations, we take great pride serving the various areas of our beloved Sydney. Also, we are a local business that has operated in the region for over 20 years. In fact, this gives us close working relationship with vendors and suppliers. Therefore, benefiting you.

How is it beneficial to you?

  1. Allows us to source the best materials with minimal waiting times.
  2. In addition, this also helps us get some truly excellent prices for the products we use in our bathrooms. For this reason, you are getting exceptional value for money when you choose a bathroom renovation from us.

As a result, this ensures our clients in Maroubra get the bathroom renovation they deserve.

Do not settle for subpar renovators that cut corners. We take the time to carefully design and install the bathroom of your dreams.

Our team have worked throughout Maroubra in past two decades. Consequently, we have a great understanding of the various architectural designs of the properties in the region. There are certain features common in bathrooms in this area. Therefore, we know what types of solutions to offer customers that may be dealing with common design issues. For example, a small square footage in their bathroom.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, we offer custom-made designs. All the time using the latest trends in interior design. Whether you want to add rustic charm or renovate to a modern style, our bespoke bathroom renovation services in Maroubra have you covered.

Our Services

Need bathroom renovations Maroubra? Here are the services we provide:

Small Bathroom Renovations Maroubra

Our small bathroom renovation service is perfect for property owners in Maroubra with smaller bathrooms. We offer bespoke designs that focus on maximising the available space. Additionally,  without making the bathroom feel too crammed or compact.

Modern Bathroom Renovations 

Looking for a complete bathroom overhaul? Our modern bathroom renovation service transforms older and dated bathroom designs in your Maroubra property. For instance, opening the space and breathing new life into the space.

Commercial Bathroom Renovations Maroubra

In addition, we also offer commercial bathroom renovations for businesses operating in Maroubra. Let us help you wow your new customers or treat your employees to a wonderful new bathroom space fit for a contemporary business.

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