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Quality Bathroom Renovations  Newtown Sydney

Looking for bathroom renovations Newtown? Then you have come to the right place!

Although our name is Eastern Suburbs Bathroom Renovations, we do like to venture out into the wider Sydney area! Newton is a beautiful suburb located in the western area of the city, so while we do need to head out west from our HQ it is something we always enjoy.

Bathroom renovation projects in Newton, Sydney, are always an exciting project for our team. We like to head out into wider Sydney and take in all the different styles of properties, highlighting the diverse architecture found in every corner of the city.

Properties in Newton are varied, meaning lots of diverse bathrooms that we cannot wait to help redesign and renovate. Whether the bathroom is small or large, old or modern, residential or commercial, our renovation services have it covered.

We provide reliable and cost-effective bathroom renovations for both commercial and residential properties in Newtown. With over 20 years industry experience, we are confident that have the best skills available to make the bathroom of your dreams a reality.

We Work with You to Achieve Your Dream Bathroom

Homeowners in Newtown have their own goals when it comes to a new bathroom renovation. Some want a complete overhaul, moving fixtures and plumbing to completely reshape the layout of the bathroom. Others simply want a nice new suite, while some are not even sure what they want in terms of designs.

In any case, our team is here to help you realise the bathroom of your dreams. We take the time to chat with you about your goals and desires for the bathroom space, including what you want added, removed, colours, tones, textures, and everything in-between.

We offer advice on what designs work with your current bathroom, what things you may not want to try, and how to best achieve your desired bathroom aesthetic. Your input is highly valued, and we ask for your feedback and contribution throughout the design and installation process.

Of course, if you prefer to take a less involved approach, we can do that too. No matter your design goals for your new bathroom, we are here to ensure they are met.

Our staff are highly experienced, understanding the unique design challenges of bathrooms in Newton, Sydney. They know all the latest design trends, popular fixtures, and the best materials for any budget.

We are friendly and courteous, taking the time and effort to complete the bathroom renovation to the highest standards. Why not contact us today for more information on how we can help with your bathroom renovation project in Newtown?

Our Bathroom Renovations  Newtown

If you need bathroom renovations Newtown, the following services may be of interest:

Small Bathroom Renovation

Not all Newtown properties have large bathrooms, so we work to help you make the most of the free space available. We design compact bathrooms to best utilise the square footage of the bathroom, no matter how small it appears!

Modern Bathroom Renovation

A modern bathroom renovation breathes new life into tried, old bathrooms. This not only gives you an attractive and functional bathroom, but also adds value to your property. A new modern bathroom renovation in your Newton home is a great investment.

Commercial Bathroom Renovation

Business owners in Newton looking for a new bathroom renovation have come to the right place. We have extensive experience designing and installing commercial bathrooms for businesses throughout Newtown.

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