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We offer modern bathroom renovations for properties throughout Sydney. We have 20 years industry experience and high customer satisfaction rates. With this, we are confident in providing the best bathroom renovation services in Sydney.

A modern bathroom helps to transform old, dated bathroom designs. While a good bathroom can last years, sometimes things need modernised. Whether it is the décor, bathroom fixtures, layout, or a bit of everything, many Sydney properties have outdated bathrooms in need of fresh, new designs.

That is where Eastern Suburbs Bathroom Renovations are here to help. Modern bathroom renovation is one of our areas of expertise. With a team of designers ready to offer you the latest trends in interior design for the modern bathroom.

Breathe new life into an old space with our cost-effective services. We will provide tailor-made renovations to your exact requirements. Whether you want to add a few new fixtures or conduct a complete overhaul, our modern bathroom renovation service will make your dream bathroom design a reality.

Bespoke Modern Bathroom Designs 

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to the style of their bathroom. This is why we focus on bespoke bathroom designs. We provide each customer with a range of options that suit their exact needs.

We like to chat first to get a good idea about your current bathroom. This helps us see what design aspects can be modernised and what areas may be left alone, all while receiving your own input to ensure you get the perfect style.

Working closely with various suppliers, we have access to all the latest products and materials for a modern bathroom. Most of these are locally sourced, Australian made products, ensuring you get a bathroom that fits within the current aesthetic of your property.

Modern styles are open to interpretation, so we offer a variety of contemporary styles for your bathroom. Speak with one of our design team members for more information on our popular modern bathroom styles!

Renovations with the Wow Factor

A modern bathroom renovation breathes new life into tired spaces. We bring the wow factor with our modern designs, incorporating the latest trends in interior design. Modern means different things for different people, so we never force a specific aesthetic or concept on our clients.

We give reocmmendations based on past and current trends. Some aspects of modern bathroom design remain constant, such as a neutral tones, geometric shapes, and use of natural textures and materials.

Of course, these things may not appeal to your modern sense of style, which is why we collaborate with our clients to ensure they get exactly what they envisioned from their renovation. Whether you want the design to be minimalist or luxury, our designers have suggestions for all types of modern bathroom styles.

Modern bathroom renovations