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Are you looking for a small bathroom renovation Sydney service? We are the experts you need.

Size shouldn’t matter when it comes to your small bathroom renovation. Small compact bathroom spaces are common.  In fact, a lot of our problem solving skills involve small areas. 

As small bathroom renovation Sydney specialists, we make the most of the space you do have. Whilst there are certain limitations working with a small space, it does not mean you need to settle for subpar designs and products.

Bespoke  Renovations

The main challenge of a small bathroom renovation is knowing what to do with the space that is available. That is why you want to choose a renovation company with extensive knowledge and experience. This is exactly what we offer.

We have renovated countless small bathrooms in properties throughout Sydney over the past 20 years. Our team understands the unique challenges that comes with compact bathrooms. Not only do we transform the style and aesthetic of the bathroom, we also make sure that it remains fully functional for your day to day lifestyle.

Our design team know the best layouts for a small, compact bathroom. They create a space that uses what you have. Avoiding anything that will make a space feel smaller. Specific colours and tones are recommended to help open the space while enriching the interior design. Your small bathroom will quickly become one your favourite spots at home.

We will provide recommendations that are relative to your property. Helping to maximise the space no matter how small your space is.

Affordable Small Bathroom Renovations in Sydney 

Many small bathroom renovation projects are on a tight budget. This should not mean lower quality styles or products. We strive to provide affordable rates for all our projects. Customers are given a clear quote so they know exactly what the cost of the renovation is before starting.

Small bathroom renovation Sydney